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"Control is a process which seeks to ensure that planned activities are consistent with the real, actual situation is as you want. Control provides a systematic observation of actual performance, to identify existing deviations from the requirements, rules and norms, to analyze the reasons for deviations and to develop proposals to eliminate aberrations. Purpose of Control is to ensure that objectives are achieved, making plans for a specific period of time. Considering that the body unit operates under uncertainty, possible deviations from the intended plan. It is important that the management entity are aware in time of the existing anomalies. "

Quality Policy

JSC Vegastel 'main activities are focusing on the protection, control of supply, control and execution of clients' interests in ensuring the introduction of specialized products and the full maintenance of the projects in implementation phase, ongoing and completed.

Our purpose - professionally solve all issues related to the latest monitoring and control systems and appliances, and presentation of quality control equipment to the clients. The company targets lead to achieving the objective - as well as a reliable partner for project management and administration.

We aim to contribute to the client's business growth and development. Our main objectives are to increase the competitiveness of the company, time to adapt to changing market conditions, knowledge and experience, improve service quality and develop new partners and our customers need. Accumulated knowledge, experience, professionalism and professional partnerships with globally recognized companies ensures company success.

To the best customer service, quality and continuous improvement, the company implemented the quality management system conforming to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 standards.

One of the main factors affecting the quality of jobs - human resources. The Company's management and care of the future will take care of regular staff training and motivational enhancement, taking into account the results of the work.

Our customers and partners, representatives of publishing the following responsibilities:

assume full responsibility for their obligations;
we are open and honest;
work in a team with our customers and partners as well as striving for a common goal.

JSC „Vegastel“ management