Portatyvus XRD analizatorius TERRA

Portatyvus XRD analizatorius TERRA
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Patented Technology From NASA and Olympus


Mining TERRA 02

 Initially conceived to perform chemical and mineralogical testing for NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) mission, Olympus’ TERRA is a rugged, fully portable field instrument which harnesses advanced dual XRD/XRF technology and renders it for earthbound applications. Combining both Olympus and NASA innovation, TERRA brings to life a new way of performing X-ray diffraction and X-ray fluorescence measurements.

Using a specifically developed direct excitation charge coupled device (CCD) “camera”, TERRA is able to collect X-ray photon data for both X-ray diffraction and X-ray fluorescence simultaneously. This is the result of the integrated camera’s ability to detect both photon position and photon energy at the same time. With energy resolution of ~200 eV (5.9 keV), TERRA makes XRF analysis as simple as viewing the software spectrum display.


Easy Sample Preparation

Terra sample holder 01


TERRA radically simplifies sample collection for your X-ray diffraction experiments. Typically, a sample must be finely ground and pressed into a pellet in order to ensure a sufficiently random orientation of the crystals.

TERRA’s patented sample vibration chamber eliminates this issue. Requiring a mere 15 mg sample, the vibration chamber’s convection process presents the instrument optics with multifarious orientations of the crystalline structure. This results in a superb X-ray diffraction pattern, virtually free of the problematic preferred-orientation effects encountered when using classic preparation methods.

Due to its unique powder-handling system, nonmechanical goniometers, and lack of complicated moving parts, TERRA is extremely well suited for those applications where field portability and/or ease of use is at issue.


XRD resolution

0.25° 2θ FWHM

XRD range

5-55° 2θ

Detector type

1024 × 256 pixels - 2D Peltier-cooled CCD

XRF energy resolution

250 eV at 5.9 keV

XRF energy range

3 to 25 keV

Sample grain size

<150 μm crushed minerals - (100 mesh screen, 150 μm)

Sample quantity

~15 mg

X-ray target material

Cu or Co (Cu standard)

X-ray tube voltage

30 kV

X-ray tube power

10 W

Data Storage

40 GB - Ruggedized internal hard drive

Wireless Connectivity

802.11b/g for remote control from web browser

Operating Temperature

-10 °C to 35 °C


14.5 kg with four batteries


48.5 cm × 39.2 cm × 19.2 cm (19.1 in. × 15.4 in. × 7.6 in.)


IP67, MIL C-4150J rugged case

Field autonomy

~4 hours (hot swap batteries)

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